Jul 27, 2011

MESSOA SDF446 Installed in Thailand Kiatnakin Bank (Thailand)

The MESSOA SDF446, a high-resolution, fixed dome CCTV camera has been installed at the Kiatnakin Bank in Thailand. The SDF446 is being used to monitor the counter. It has helped security officials keep track of exactly how much money has changed hands. The bank has been happy with the performance and has plans to install the SDF446 in their other branches.

The Premiere Bank in Thailand
Kiatnakin Bank was founded in 1971 and has transformed itself into one of the biggest banks in all of Thailand. With branches all over the country, they provide the Thai people with all their banking needs. In 2008, Kiatnakin received an “Excellent” rating for corporate governance from the Thai Institute of Directors.

A high quality bank needs high quality surveillance. So Kiatnakin contracted Siam Administrative Management Co., (SAMCO) to design a surveillance solution that would help officials monitor the bank. Established in 1994, SAMCO provides full cycle administrative support services to meet the needs of both public and private organizations. They provide CCTV and alarm monitoring services to over 400 banks including SCB Bank, and AEON Bank.

Previous Camera Had Blurry Images
Sharp pictures are vital for bank security. Problems such as check fraud, robberies, and suspicious activity needed to be recorded. However, Kiatnakin bank previously used cameras that showed blurry, unfocused pictures. This was a major headache for security. They couldn’t even identify the amount of money being exchanged. That’s when SAMCO recommended the MESSOA SDF446.

The SDF446 Shows Every Detail
The SDF446 was specifically chosen for its outstanding image clarity. Utilizing a 1/3” SONY CCD, the SDF446 delivers 600 TV lines resolution that is capable of showing even the smallest detail. Day/Night functionality switches from color to b/w mode automatically, depending upon available light. This enables the camera to capture crisp, clear color and b/w video in as little as 0.015 lux of light.

Also, only MESSOA could provide Lumii™ II – a combination of sophisticated image capture technology. One feature of Lumii™ II that caught the attention of bank officials was the ability to reduce image noise even in low light conditions. Too much noise can ruin picture clarity and thus make an image unreadable. Additionally, the noisy images take up more room on a hard drive. Lumii™ II greatly enhances camera sensitivity and thus reduces camera noise, resulting in crystal clear pictures. This makes identifying people, money and objects hassle-free.

Still, there was the issue of uneven lighting. Some parts of the bank were brighter than others due to a variety of reasons such as sun glare from the entrance. The resulting security images had parts that were too bright while others were too dark. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) and Backlight Compensation (BLC) were the solution to this problem. WDR ensures dark areas in an image are visible while retaining details in bright areas. BLC ensures bright and clear images under strong backlit scenes.

Thai Bank Officials Plan to Install the SDF446 in More Branches
One official commented, “This new camera is much better than our previous one. You can even see the details in the money. It’s truly amazing.” Pleased with the results, banking officials are planning to outfit more of their branches with the SDF446.

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