Jul 10, 2011

Nursing Home Installs MESSOA Cameras To Protect Their Residents in Los Angeles, USA ( LA, USA)

Organization: Solheim Lutheran Home

Location: Los Angeles, USA

Industry segment: City Surveillance

Technology: Provide video solution that incorporates the legacy analog traffic camera and Dome camera

Application: Provide high-performance camera video security for nearly 200 residents

Established in 1923, Solheim Lutheran Home in Los Angeles,USA, is a non-profit nursing home that provides assisted living for seniors. Solheim Lutheran Home spans over two and one half acres and is home to residents from all walks of life, from former teachers to a World War II fighter pilot.

Solheim Lutheran Home is a busy place. Licensed charge nurses are on duty 24/7 here and look after nearly 200 residents. They required a surveillance camera to help keep an eye on the residents. They had several requirements that had to me met. First, images had to be high quality, day or night. Staff had to be able to quickly ID a person. Next, the cameras had to be easy to use. Nurses needed to be able to do a quick playback and take snap shots with little training. Third, the parking lot had to be monitored. Car make and model, license plate and the surrounding areas all needed to be obtained.

Several Security Solutions Were Considered. In the end,
Four MESSOA Cameras Were Chosen

Four MESSOA cameras were handpicked for this job. They were chosen for their specific abilities.

Five MESSOA NDF890 Fixed Dome Cameras and Seven NCR875 Infrared Bullet Cameras Installed Outside To Watch the Whole Street

The NDR890 was placed near the entrances to the building for wide area monitoring. Three cameras covered every angle at the main entrance where a major street was located. Another was put at a different entrance.

The NCR875 was used for mid-range area monitoring. Seven of these cameras were installed to watch the building perimeters including side streets and sidewalks. Most of these areas had little to no light. However, that wasn’t a problem. The NDR890 and NCR875 could still see anybody who entered or exited the building and even track them down streets.

Two NDF820 cameras were selected to be installed at the check-in points of the nursing home. They watched and recorded everyone who passed by these areas. Management at Solheim wanted a camera that was powerful yet affordable and packed full of features. That’s what they got with the NDF820.

Nurses Found the Cameras Simple to Understand and Operate

After installation was complete, the nurses got to test out the new system. It was so simple that they hardly needed any additional training to learn how to operate the cameras. “It really is simple to use the camera software. I learned how to play back videos and take snap shots in less than 5 minutes. Most of it is common sense,” explained one nurse.

Nurses are satisfied with the ease of use. Management felt like they got the most bang for their buck And Residents feel more comfortable knowing that their care has been given the utmost priority.

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