Dec 19, 2011

Furniture factory in Israel opted for MESSOA to secure property

Organization: Furniture factory
Location: Nazareth, Israel
Industry segment: Manufacturing
Products: SDS730PRO, SDF417U, SDF412
Application: Premises surveillance and production line monitoring

Located in the suburb of Nazareth, Israel, the furniture factory specializes in manufacturing wooden furnishings, such as shelves and dining tables. The factory owner was looking for a reliable, cost-effective video monitoring system that not only could provide a security means to ensure property security, but also to watch over production line while improving the operating efficiency.

PTZ and dome cameras deployed to meet diverse needs

The factory building consists of three main areas: the office area for administration, product demostration and customer reception; the manufacturing area for production; and the stock area for storage and shipping handling. Realizing each area varies in sizes and security requirements, the MESSOA PTZ and dome cameras were recommended for this project.

First, the SDS730PRO PTZ cameras are installed on both the interior and exterior walls for securing the premises. With its superior sensitivity and WDR function, the SDS730PRO enables operators to watch over difficult-to-see spots with exceptional clarity regardless of the lighting conditions. The camera’s 360-degree pan, 360-degree tile and panoramic rotation capability makes wide-area surveillance easy.

A number of SDF412 dome cameras are deployed together with the SDS730PRO at corners where the sight is blocked by pipelines to complement the view angles by avoiding any blind spots.

For indoor surveillance, the high-resolution SDF417U dome cameras were chosen to oversee critical locations inside the building, such as the main entrance and the production sites. The SDF417’s mechanical ICR cut function allows 24/7 indoor surveillance in fine details.

Video surveillance brings owner a peace of mind

After the successful deployment, the owner now has a peace of mind, knowing that his property is reliably secured with the MESSOA cameras. He also believes the business will grow as the production process is becoming smoother and more efficient with the help from MESSOA.