Jul 18, 2011

Tahuin Dam in Ecuador got MESSOA for efficient security protection (Ecuador)

The Tahuin Dam was built in 1977. It served to promote the development of the Province of El Oro in Ecuador. It is also used to as storage for drinking water, flood control in low lying areas, power generation, and water sports such as boating. 

In addition to security concerns, the dam had to be monitored for any leaks and deterioration. However, there were many complexities when adding a surveillance system to this dam. Officials wanted cameras installed in a dark tunnel. Dam tunnels are damp, humid, and often have poor or high contrast lighting. They also wanted to install a camera right next to a water fall. The cameras had to be able to withstand water, humidity and dust. They also needed to be able to capture pictures in dark environments with weak lighting.

The Chosen One

The MESSOA SCB261 was chosen to safeguard the dam.

The camera can view clear images even in low light environments. Image noise is reduced and even dark images are clear with exclusive Lumii™ technology. Night time graininess is reduced thus saving storage space. It can even obtain pictures in pitch black situations (0.003 lux) like in tunnels. Equipped with a 1/3” Sony CCD, the SCB261 offers improved sensitivity and color reproduction compared to other cameras. ICR Day/Night technology can automatically change from Color Mode to B&W Mode and boost the resolution from 540 TVL to 600 TVL.

Armored Protection

All cameras have been equipped with the SLI070. The SLI070 is a strong housing that can protect it from dust, wind, salt, and even being submerged in up to 1m of water (complies with IP67). This housing is resistant to impacts and protects the SCB261 in all conditions thanks to being made out of die-cast aluminum. It has a long range IR function of 70 meters. Easy installation made it the perfect choice for the dam.

IP Application

The MESSOA SCB261 can be attached to a video server making it a complete IP Solution. It is a cost-effective, web-based solution that allows users to monitor, control, and manage the cameras using just a computer. Authorized users can access the camera from anywhere, thus help the dam to achieve a more meticulous control.

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