Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA SCR515Pro and SCR505 Traffic Cameras Installed in Miami Gated Community (Miami, USA)

The latest buzz at Fiesta Homes, a residential gated community in Miami, was a brand new pair of MESSOA traffic cameras. Local residents stood around and watched as the cameras were being installed. “I think it’s a good thing these cameras are being installed. I sleep better at night,” exclaimed one resident.

Fiesta Homes needed to install a surveillance camera in front of an entry gate. This camera had to capture all information about a vehicle. License plate, make and model of car, occupants, and the surrounding area are all valuable information should an incident occur.

Maximum View with a Minimum Budget
There were a few unique challenges to this project. First, there were budgetary concerns. Next, Florida only requires rear license plates. This made camera angle and positioning especially important. So Fiesta Homes had to be able to get all that vehicle information while using the minimum amount of cameras.

After consulting MESSOA, it was decided that 2 models would be used for this situation – The SCR515Pro and the SCR505.

SCR515Pro Traffic Camera Is Armed With the Latest in Clear Image Technology
The SCR515Pro is a traffic camera specifically designed to capture overviews of vehicles and license plates. This camera is equipped with MESSOA's advanced CatchAll™ II and Lumii™ II intelligent camera technologies which greatly enhance the SCR515PRO's surveillance capabilities and functionality.
The SCR515Pro was installed on a wall facing the security gate. It was used to make sure no one tried to lift or break the arm gate. The camera kept watch of the security gate. It didn’t matter whether it was the middle of the night, rainy, and humid.

SCR505 Infrared Traffic Camera Laser Focuses on License Plates
The SCR505 is a high-performance plate-capture camera, equipped with a 1/3” SONY CCD. Outfitted with a powerful 850 nm IR sensor, the SCR505 captures plate information day or night. The SCR505 provides reliability and round-the-clock surveillance that is crucial when used at an entry gate.

SCR515Pro and SCR505 Keep This Gated Community Safe and Secure
The SCR505 was installed right below the SCR515Pro. They were in tandem to capture all vehicle information and thus keep this small community breathing easy.