Nov 1, 2011

MESSOA Cameras Help Keep the Traffic in Santa Marta, Colombia in Order

Organization: Traffic Authority in Santa Marta
Location: Santa Marta, Colombia
Industry segment: Traffic surveillance
Products: SCR515PRO, SDR431U
Application: Facilitating traffic law enforcement and security surveillance

Located at northern Colombia, the city of Santa Marta is a popular tourist destination due to its colonial past and proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Job opportunities have drawn many Colombians to the city in recent years, but the urban development cannot catch up with the surging population and vehicles, which have led to congested roads and increase in traffic infractions. 
To mitigate the problems encountered, Santa Marta’s traffic authority decided to apply stricter law enforcement while prohibiting cars with certain license plates from being on the road during rush hours on certain days to stop traffic conditions deteriorating further. To ensure the policies could be effectively enforced, the authority officials decided to deploy surveillance cameras at 10 strategic locations throughout Santa Marta. 


With an extensive experience in traffic surveillance solution and successful case from the past, MESSOA’s local partner recommended the most appropriate MESSOA traffic surveillance cameras to meet the challenging tasks. Each site is then monitored by 1 MESSOA SDR431U and up to 3 SCR515PRO cameras depending on the number of the lanes for that particular roadway. 

The SCR515PRO is an LPR camera specifically designed to capture close-up snapshots of vehicle information in remarkable clarity, particularly license plates. The camera is powered by MESSOA's advanced CatchAll™ II and Lumii™ III intelligent technologies. CatchAll™ II significantly improves the SCR515PRO's surveillance capabilities in tracking vehicle information even when cars are travelling at a high speed, whilst Lumii™ III further enhances camera sensitivity to deliver sharp images in adverse lighting conditions. 

The SDR431U is a 30M IR vandal-resistant fixed dome camera with mechanical D/N function to provide round-the-clock surveillance of the intersection. SDR431U was selected to provide an overview and panoramic video recordings of the monitored scene. 

All the data captured are then sent to a centralized control site, where an LPR system is used to identify whether any vehicle is not supposed to be on the road or violating traffic regulations, such as speeding, running on red light and etc. Should any infraction be detected, the system will then verify the license plate and automatically send a traffic fine notice to that driver with photo evidences attached to it. 


With the help of traffic surveillance technology, the restrictive car policy and traffic law can be effectively enforced in Santa Marta. The authority officials are especially impressed with the performance of the MESSOA’s surveillance solution as traffic violation and congestion have been notably alleviated since the deployment. Having seen how successful this project has turned out in Santa Marta, city officials from Cali and Bucaramanga, Colombia have also decided to duplicate this model in their respective cities in the near future.

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