Nov 16, 2011

Penghu County strengthens landfill site supervision with MESSOA solution

Organization:Penghu County Government
Location:Penghu, Taiwan
Industry segment:Government & Pulic
Application:Entrance gate traffic monitoring

As the local government focusing on promoting tourism industry in Penghu County, an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan, it has fueled an island-wise construction boom in recent years. Such development generated lots of residual rocks and earth, which need be disposed. In light of such demand, Penghu County Government set up a landfill site near a remote village of Shagang several years ago for the earthwork residual treatment. However, due to lack of on-site supervision, the site soon became a threat to the nearby environment and the local public because of haphazard dumping. Hence, the county government was looking for a surveillance camera deployment in order to keep the site organized. 

CCTV 700TVL Camera---SCR 368

The MESSOA SCR368 high-performance Infrared cameras are deployed to monitor the entrance gate of the 2-hectare site with a landfill capacity of 60,000 cubic meters. Cameras are installed on a metal truss next to the manually-controlled gate to provide a clear overview of the entrance. 

One camera is mounted 3 meters high for capturing vehicle information on type, shape and license plate numbers. The other camera is mounted 5 meters above-ground to let authority officials see what exactly the content is loaded in the dump trucks’ rear container as they pull up to the gate. Each camera is coupled with the MESSOA NVS121H video server, from which the image streams are sent via internet to an NVR system at the county government office, where staff could monitor the entrance remotely anytime without having to physically pay visits to the site. 

In addition of its streamlined, compact profile, the SCR368 camera is chosen for this project due to its 700TVL high-resolution and super-low light performance with the built-in infra-red illumination as there is limited lighting on-site. The intelligent cable management is an ideal feature for this project that requires easy installation, weather-proof design and minimum maintenance. The performance is further enhanced by digital Wide Dynamic Range capability and the proprietary Lumii™ III imaging technology, allowing the camera to deliver crystal sharp images in extremely adverse light situations all the time. 


Following the successful deployment, haphazard dumping has been significantly reduced. Real-time video streams of the monitored scene are available for remote access to keep track of the vehicle information. The Penghu County government officials are particularly impressed with the image quality at night where truck activities are usually the most frequent. Vehicle information can be effortlessly identified in pitch dark night even with the presence of high contrast headlights getting in the way. 

Also, the built-in motion detection function allows the officials to spend their time more effectively on their routine work during office hours and turn their attention to the surveillance monitor only when they are notified of any movement at the gate detected by the camera. “We are pleased with the solution from MESSOA”, one county government official remarks, “the camera’s streamlined design catches our eyes; more importantly, the MESSOA solution has met all our requirements for low illumination performance and remote access to keep the landfill site in order.”