Jul 14, 2011

Car Burglaries at Arlington Apartment Complex Stopped By MESSOA Traffic Cameras (Arlington, USA)

A premiere apartment complex in Arlington was nice and quiet. Residents enjoyed all the amenities including pools, a gym, picnic area with grill and even a hospitality suite to entertain guests.
A string of car burglaries descended like vultures upon these apartments. Residents woke up to find their car windows broken and car tops sliced open. Police officers investigated. However, there was little they could do except be on constant alert and increased patrols.
That’s when management acted decisively in order to protect their residents. That’s when MESSOA was called in for backup.

Parking Garage Surveillance Is a Challenge
There are several challenges in monitoring a parking garage. First is the vast amount of high contrast lighting. A car with its high beams on suddenly entering a dark parking garage can play havoc with license plate recognition cameras. Often the images are washed out and difficult to make out.

Also, a lot of information needs to be captured such as license plate number, make and model of car, occupants and the surrounding area. Often multiple cameras have to be installed to get all this information. However, this apartment complex wanted to use the minimum amount of cameras yet still get all relevant information.

7pcs of SCR515PRO License Plate Recognition Captures All
The solution was MESSOA’s premium SCR515PRO ANPR/LPR traffic-surveillance camera. The SCR515PRO utilized CatchAll™ II technology to deliver a clearer, more satisfying picture, while its 3D Digital Noise Reduction took away the "pixely" look of images to make them sharp and clean. The camera also made use of its Wide Dynamic Range technology to ensure details were visible even in environments with both bright and dark areas.

SCR506R Traffic Camera Is Quick To Install and Easy to Adjust
The SCR506R is a close-range, ANPR/LPR bullet camera . This camera can capture reflective license plates at a range of 8 meters (27 feet). At the same time, the SCR506R can monitor the entire garage capturing such information as make and model of the car, occupants and other vital data. 

The Solution URD-100DVRs
MESSOA reps convinced management to upgrade to the URD-100 Series DVRs which have the ability to deinterlace videos.
With Security Cameras Installed, Apartment Residents Feel Safer
“It was like Christmas in July for these burglars,” says one apartment resident. “I was terrified of walking to my car at night. It makes me feel better knowing that security is watching,” she concludes, pointing to the SCR515Pro.