Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA ensures the safety of the Supreme Court of Justice in Mexico (Mexico)

The Supreme Court of Justice in the State of Quintana Roo, Mexico is a public institution in charge of leading and administrating justice in the region in accordance with civil and penal rules of law. Quintana Roo is located in the southeastern tip of Mexico. It is known as “The Mexican Caribbean” since it is next to the Caribbean Sea. 


Due to the specific circumstances, several different factors were considered in the selection of the surveillance system. First, the cameras had to be able to withstand the extreme weather conditions that prevail in the region. The air temperature can reach as high as 80°f (26.5°c) throughout the year with extreme heat during the summer seasons. Rainfall can get as heavy as 59 inches. Also, the region is frequently affected by storms and hurricanes. The high humidity and heavy rainfall offered a unique challenge in surveillance. Condensation, mold and the camera short circuiting were all surveillance concerns. Furthermore, the cameras had to be vandal proof. They would be installed outside of public buildings where they would be exposed to the general public.

Built Tough

MESSOA cameras are perfectly suited to this humid atmosphere since they are housed in a water proof protective casing with temperature control. This casing offers 60°C operational temperature support which is 10°C more than other vendors. IP66 & IP67 Support make the housing virtually water proof. Also, MESSOA offers vandal proof cameras that can withstand up to 1000KG of force. Additionally, the Speed Dome Cameras come with maintenance free slip rings that are required to pass rigorous tab tests of over 4 million rotations (MTBF) making it durable for 24 hour monitoring.

Camera Selection and Installation

Initially, 30 cameras were purchased and installed in one of the court houses. Mexican officials were impressed with the quality of the cameras. “The speed of focus is quicker compared to other cameras,” commented one official. They also liked the high quality video so much that they decided to purchase additional cameras.

Some cameras needed to be installed indoors while others needed to be outdoors. The models used for outside monitoring were the SDF417U day/night color dome camera and SDR431U dome 30M IR color camera. These domes utilize Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) cabling to lower installation costs and reduce video loss over long-distance transmissions. They feature easy installation, compact mechanical designs, vandal-proof 1,000-kg impact resistance, and IP67 rating. A service-monitor output connector can be used to facilitate installation and increase their flexibility. Ceiling or Wall mounting is easy with the true 3-Axis rotation.

Other models include the SCR363 and SDS710M. The SCR363 is a 35M IR camera that is built tough. It has IP66 water proofing and is vandal proof. It is easy to maintain with its cable management system and external view adjustment. The SDS710M integrates high-performance zoom with superfine 0.02° pan control to deliver exceptionally smooth tracking that facilitates capture of moving subjects. The cameras pans up to 430° per second and tilts at up to 200° per second, allowing quick and efficient capture of objects. Also, the camera is ideal for viewing an entire area and when zooming in on a specific person or scene is vital.

Installation flexibility was needed for a wide range of specific viewing requirements. Multiple configuration possibilities are possible thanks to the many accessories that accompany MESSOA cameras; including wall mount brackets and fixed dome cameras.


So satisfied were the Mexican officials, that it was decided to install MESSOA cameras in all the court buildings. A total of 159 MESSOA cameras were installed in 10 different buildings. With this solution, The Supreme Court of Justice can guarantee the safety of staff and citizens.

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Quintana Roo, Mexico