Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA provides superior security monitoring solution for the Wu River in Taiwan (Taiwan)

Throughout the 1990s, pollution in the Wu River grew steadily. It was home to several illegal dump sites for waste and gravel. Several unauthorized buildings contributed to the overall deterioration of the river. By 1997, it was one of the most heavily polluted rivers in Taiwan. All the fish had long died and the water was discolored and smelly. Therefore, the Tatu Rivermouth Wildlife Refuse was established to combat the pollution and restore the Wu River to its former glory. 

Surveillance Requirements

Officials looked into a number of different solutions. They came to the conclusion that using security cameras would be the ideal choice. The purpose of the cameras was to track any illegal dumping, unauthorized building and prevent pollution. Having decided that, there was still the issue of deciding which camera system to use.

They needed high-resolution images to track down the perpetrators in both daylight and darkness. Since the river was in a desolate area, the cameras would have to be controlled from far away. Also, a live person would not always be on hand to control the camera, so an Auto Patrol function was needed to constantly monitor different areas. At the same time, they needed to be durable enough to withstand being outside 24 hours a day.

The Solution

A total of 30 speed domes and 93 box cameras were installed on a special custom made tower. Each camera connects to a control center at a remote site.

The NIC836 network camera was chosen because it is a 1.3 megapixel resolution network camera, equipped with a 1/3” progressive-scan CCD utilizing Sony Exview HAD technology. It can capture crystal clear pictures even at varying light levels. The camera switches between day and night modes automatically, enabling it to capture video in as little as 0.06 lux. Power over Ethernet (IEEE 802.3af) enables it to transmit power and image data through a single Ethernet cable thus reducing installation and maintenance costs by eliminating additional power supplies and cables. The camera also features an on-screen display menu to facilitate quick camera setup and management. Moreover, the NIC836 can be combined with the MESSOA SLI070, 70M (230 feet) IR housing. In low light conditions, the SLI070 will activate its IR function automatically and the NIC836 will enable the ICR filter function simultaneously, making the camera perfect for wide area and long distance monitoring.

The NDS830Pro Speed Dome was chosen because it has a 360° pan operation, allowing it a wide coverage range. It also has a speed of up to 150°/sec, making it easy to track a target. It can be programmed to scan an area even without an operator. Storage is reduced by using multi streams. The camera works normally under 20%~80% RH. The housing is vandal proof up to 750KG, IP67 water proof and contains a heater and blower. It is built specifically for the outdoors and can resist wind, rain humidity and extreme temperatures.

Worthwhile Investment

The results have been outstanding. These cameras provide clear images even in low light conditions . Excellent design protects the cameras against weather conditions such as wind, rain, humidity and temperature. It’s multi-streaming saves more storage for recording. With these cameras installed, illegal dumping and building have totally stopped and the river is beginning to show signs of life again.

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