Jul 14, 2011

Powerful, New Traffic Camera - the MESSOA SCR506R - Helps Reduce Toll Station Traffic and Captures Vehicle Information (Colombia)

The MESSOA SCR506R, a close-range, ANPR/LPR bullet camera has been installed at 6 toll stations throughout Medellin, Colombia and  Bogota, Colombia. Thirty-one cameras are being used to monitor traffic. It has helped security officials keep track of vehicle information while speeding up the toll process. 

Toll Station in Medellin and Bogota Had Long Lines and Frustrated Drivers
Nobody likes toll stations.
They usually consist of long, boring lines filled with ticked off drivers. Drivers that sit with hand on chin and an exasperated look parked on their face. Toll stations are also a pain for security. There can be thousands of cars to look after during rush hour traffic. All types of information like make and model of car, license plate and occupants needs to be recorded quickly or else traffic gets even longer.
How would you handle yourself in a sticky situation like this?
Toll stations located in Medellin, Colombia and Bogota, Colombia suffered these problems. They needed a solution and turned to Flytech.

Flypass Makes the Toll Process Quicker
Flytech, a Colombian security company, was asked to come up with an answer to these issues. Flytech has developed an effective tool to manage toll stations called Flypass. With Flypass, vehicles could be preregistered. Then a special electronic device was attached to the car which electronically deducted the toll amount. The results? Quick transactions and an increased capacity for each station. 
The SCR506R Reduces Toll Station Surveillance Headaches
Along with Flypass, Flytech recommended that the toll station use MESSOA cameras, specifically the SCR506R. The SCR506R is a close-range, ANPR/LPR bullet camera . With Flypass, the SCR506R can capture reflective license plates at a range of 15 meters (49.2 feet). At the same time, the SCR506R can monitor the entire surrounding area capturing such information as make and model of the car, occupants and other vital data.
Also, the toll station could get extremely dark at night. The SCR506R incorporates a powerful IR lens which can get detailed vehicle information even in the dead of night. An ICR day/night mode makes the camera capture crystal clear pictures at all times. 
The SCR506R Is Safe From Even the Hot and Sticky Medellin Weather
Medellin, Colombia is known as “La Ciudad de la Eterna Primovera” which translated to “The City of the Eternal Spring.” This means the weather is hot and humid year round. The harsh Medellin sun and humid weather were further concerns for the toll station. The sun can distort images and humidity can damage the camera. That’s why the SCR506R comes equipped with an extendable rain guard and sunshield. Images and camera life are preserved. Also, the simple cable management of the SCR506R enabled easy and rapid installation at all the entry points.  

Quick and Easy Installation
It only took a few days to install a total of 31 SCR506R cameras around the toll station. Toll station guards have been thankful for the camera and Flypass. “This new system is so much better than the old one. We use to have huge traffic jams. With Flypass, that’s been entirely eliminated. Not to mention that this new camera takes some incredible pictures!”