Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA cameras chosen to improve security in Taipei parking garage (Taipei, Taiwan)

Finding parking in a large metropolitan city can be tough, therefore the need for efficient parking garages becomes paramount. As with all public facilities, vehicle surveillance and personal security are critical issues. Parking garages have traditionally been demanding environments to monitor due to the lighting environment. Parking Management needed a camera that was stable and could handle a broad spectrum of lighting conditions. As a professional manufacturer of superior surveillance cameras, MESSOA was chosen as the preferred one in the recently completed Chengde Underground Parking Garage in Taipei city.

Built in early 2010, Chengde is a busy facility with a high standard for customer service. It takes up two floors, has a total of 15 parking areas, and operates 24 hours a day. In general, capturing clear images can be difficult in parking garages due to the extremely high contrast lighting environments. For this reason, MESSOA offers the SCR515PRO which provide comprehensive traffic surveillance through a combination of plate-capture and color-overview technology. Thirteen SCR515PROs were installed at the entrance and exit of both floors. Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) can automatically adjust an image’s brightness and exposure values. Also, MESSOA CatchAll™ II technology reduces glare by using headlight suppression and backlight compensation. This helps optimize the image to obtain a clear picture of the license. Moreover, the specifically designed die-cast aluminum housing was chosen both for its aesthetic appeal and for its vandal proof properties.

A total of thirteen SDS710PRO cameras were installed for monitoring wide open areas. One camera was placed at the entrance so it could monitor both the streets and garage. A vandal (1000kg) and water (IP67) proof housing made it ideal for outdoor surveillance. Others were installed on each floor of the parking garage. 360° continuous pan operation range with a max speed of 430°/sec. offers quick response time and flexible surveillance coverage. Furthermore, every SDS710PRO has an alarm input/output function that can be integrated with an alarm system. The Chengde parking lot has an alarm button that can be pressed in emergencies. Should this button be pressed, the camera can automatically focus on the alarm area.

Three SDR431U was installed in the central office and server room. A 30 meter IR and ICR day/night feature kept watch on the guard room 24 hours a day. No external lighting was needed. A vandal proof protected it from any intruders.

It is important to ensure user safety while keeping an eye open for suspicious activity such as skipped fees, vandalism and theft. Different types of cameras mounted strategically can interact with one another to create maximum visibility and security. The Parking Management & Development Office in Taipei city has been extremely pleased with the results and would like to continue its partnership with MESSOA.

[About Chengde Underground Parking Garage]
Chengde Underground Parking Garage was built in early 2010. It provides parking in the middle of Taipei city.