Sep 25, 2011

Messoa LPR Traffic Camera Watches Yunlin County Streets 

Organization: Yunlin County
Location: Taiwan
Industry segment: Traffic surveillance
Technology: Video network using IP and analog technologies
Application: Ensuring a safer urban environment

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

Yunlin County, in Taiwan, started the implementation of a strategic
video surveillance project in January 2010. The job required key territories in the city to be monitored 24/7.

To meet the security demands of the municipalities, a Messoa local
partner implemented various video surveillance solutions. This project would be a vital part of the local authorities’ strategy for keeping the city safe and providing a higher standard of life for its citizens.

This helped local police officers to protect local residents from crime
and helped launch a much wider crime and disorder partnership initiative. As the project progressed, the City of Yunlin chose to install a total of 60 Messoa SCR515PRO traffic cameras at numerous locations across the city.

Three town centres – Douliu, Lin Neixiang and Xilno – got to experience
the latest Messoa traffic camera, SCR515PRO. As the Yunlin Country police director explains: "We chose Messoa because of the quality and reliability of their products, notably the high resolution images from its cameras, even over IP, and the quality of its streaming. Being wireless means no hard wiring was required, making installation much easier but without sacrificing quality. Single sourcing also made sense, and the level of support from Messoa, especially with the commissioning process, has been excellent."

Operators control the cameras remotely from Police Headquarters, giving police officers an opportunity to assess the situation and make
preparations before approaching an area.

To date, more than 60 Messoa SCR515PRO traffic cameras have been installed, and the solution has proven itself to be fully satisfactory to all municipalities involved. In particular, a reduction in crime has been
recorded thanks to the extremely sharp images captured by the cameras even in situations with limited visibility or difficult weather conditions.