Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA SCR505 Installed at José Joaquín de Olmedo Airport Entry Lanes in Ecuador

The MESSOA SCR505, an Automatic Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) camera, has been installed at traffic entry points at the José Joaquín de Olmedo International Airport in Guayaquil, Ecuador, to manage the airport’s access control. The SCR505 helps security officials with round the clock surveillance keeping track of all airport traffic. Airport officials are now satisfied that both safety and security have been maximized.

Standing at 50,000 sq. meters, the airport supports both national and international flights for over 5 million passengers a year. In 2009 BusinessWeek Magazine named it “Best Airport in Latin America and the Caribbean” in terms of service quality; this was for the second year running!

In respect to airport access control, airport officials needed to keep track of every vehicle entering and exiting the airport. The recent tightening of security at airports around the world has correlated with increasingly stringent requirements for access control; both in terms of reliability and efficiency. To meet these challenges officials decided to look at cutting edge MESSOA ANPR/LPR cameras as a candidate system for their video surveillance requirements. They were very impressed with the SCR505; deciding it to be the ideal solution to tackle the ever increasing security challenges of the present day.

The simple cable management of the SCR505 enabled easy and rapid installation at all the entry points. Each time a vehicle arrives at the entry lane, the SCR505 reads the license plate; then the integrated LPR system immediately issues the driver a ticket with plate number printed. Airport officials commented on the SCR505’s accurate plate acquisition, which is crucial to maximizing LPR application’s efficiency in real-time processing of license plate numbers.

The SCR505 features high-contrast imaging performance that delivers sharp, clear license-plate captures, even of vehicles moving at 90km/h, in bad weather, and in low-light conditions. Equipped with a high-sensitivity SONY CCD and MESSOA’s Lumii II technology, the SCR505 greatly enhances sensitivity while reducing video noise in low-light environments. Outfitted with a powerful 850 NM IR, the SCR505 works perfectly even in total darkness to deliver clear license plate images. It also features MESSOA’s CatchAll II engine for optimizing video processing (glare from vehicle headlights is eliminated to ensure plate reading). The camera’s rain guard and extendable sunshield minimize the effects of rain and sunlight on image quality. The SCR505 provides the kind of reliability and capture capabilities that ensures seamless integration when used in conjunction with external LPR software.

The implementation and use of the SCR505 provides the airport with round-the-clock surveillance on the airport entry lanes. It serves as a security measure to help the airport authorities track vehicles onto the airport park and recognize which ones have been stolen. Airport guards and officials have been impressed with the results. One official said “It is a perfect and cost-effective solution and we’re really glad to have worked with MESSOA.”

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