Jul 14, 2011

MESSOA meet Thai Police’s challenging surveillance requirements (Thailand)

This October, MESSOA SCR515PRO cameras met the challenging traffic surveillance requirements of Phutorn, Kamphaeng Phet Province, Thailand. These ANPR/LPR cameras have aided local Thai police in resolving a number of serious traffic headaches, including hit and run drivers, speeding and common traffic infractions. Officials have been especially impressed with SCR515PRO’s recognition capabilities at night and in rainy conditions, and have been thrilled with the first-stage test results. They have decided to install more SCR515PRO cameras at major intersections all around the city. “Our previous surveillance cameras were unsuitable for our needs,” said one officer. “The images were blurry and almost useless. Oncoming car headlights would distort and blur out license plate numbers. It was all very frustrating.” Needing an answer, they turned to MESSOA. 

Clear images day or night
The solution was MESSOA’s top of the line SCR515PRO ANPR/LPR traffic-surveillance camera. The city initially set up a single test camera for evaluation. The SCR515PRO utilized CatchAll™ II technology to deliver a clearer, more satisfying picture, while its 3D Digital Noise Reduction took away the "pixely" look of images to make them sharp and clean. The camera also made use of its Wide Dynamic Range technology to ensure details were visible even in environments with both bright and dark areas.

The real test came at night. Would the SCR515PRO be able to deliver clear shots even in the dark? When several cars were prepped and sent out, the camera made it possible to easily identify the make of the cars, their license plate numbers and the people inside them. MESSOA’s headlight suppression technology dimmed the cars’ headlights to provide an excellent view of their license plates.

However, officials were still concerned. Their previous cameras used a sensor-based ICR switch, which could inadvertently switch modes when exposed to external factors such as headlights. This occasionally caused cameras to capture b/w images in daylight and color images at night. Their concerns were alleviated by the SCR515PRO’s scheduled ICR day/night switching. The Thai Traffic Bureau set up a schedule to switch between color mode and b/w mode, eliminating the hassle of manually switching their cameras.

Overcomes challenges of rainy season
In Thailand, the rainy season lasts from June through October. Rain and humidity are both serious issues for the duration of the season. Water vapor and dust can get inside cameras, distorting images and even destroying the cameras themselves. Fortunately, the SCR515PRO is IP67 waterproof and is capable of continuous operation even while submerged in water. In addition, the camera’s Lumii II™ technology reduces image noise to deliver crisp captures in the dim light of rainy days.

Handles any traffic conditions
Every road has its own specific needs, and vehicle speed and angle can affect image quality. The SCR515PRO therefore offers four traffic modes customized for a variety of conditions. These intelligent traffic modes enable the SCR515PRO to capture images from vehicles traveling at speeds up to 200 kph (124 mph) and make the camera especially well suited to high-speed applications. Best of all, the camera switches between these modes automatically, enabling hands-free operation.

Comprehensive traffic surveillance solution
The SCR515PRO utilizes a comprehensive array of industry-leading technologies to ensure problem-free traffic surveillance. Its CatchAll™ II technology delivers crisp images regardless of the lighting conditions and its intelligent traffic modes make it suitable for a variety of applications. Its ICR day/night switching and wide dynamic range further enhance its traffic surveillance capabilities. The SCR515PRO delivers a comprehensive solution to ensure problem-free traffic surveillance.

Click the links below to see how SCR515PRO delivers crystal-clear plate recognition:
Video1: Plate Recognition under Rainy Conditions (Day)
Video2: Plate Recognition under Rainy Conditions (Early morning)

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