Dec 2, 2011

MESSOA ensures a safer nightlife for customers at Sorbonne Rotterdam

Organization: Sorbonne Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Industry segment: Leisure
Products: NDF820
Application: Security surveillance with mobile remote access

Sorbonne is a popular dance café located in the center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The two-story pub opens 7 days a week, offering dining services during lunch/dinner hours and turning into a lively nightlife venue late in the evening. However, situated in the heart of the most unsafe city in the country, the owner of Sorbonne is concerned with any crime-related incidents that are likely to happen in the block, as well as within the pub.

To protect his customers and employees, he was prompted to deploy security cameras. He additionally requested for remote monitoring accessibility to real-time streaming video on mobile devices to keep an eye on what goes on around the pub. 

Sorbonne turned to XSERIUS, a local system integrator partner with MESSOA, for professional installation. To make mobile access possible, a network IP surveillance system seems to be the only viable choice to go with for this project. Meanwhile, taking the complexity of lighting in a nightclub environment into consideration, it is essential to deploy a network camera with outstanding imaging performance in difficult lighting conditions to meet the harsh requirements. 
After identifying Sorbonne’s needs, XSERIUS, with its extensive proficiency in IP technology and a wide spectrum of client base, recommended MESSOA, namely the NDF820 IP dome camera, to do the job. A total of 12 NDF820 are strategically positioned both inside and outside of the pub to get a comprehensive overview of the entire premises.

Overcoming ambiance lighting inside the pub
All sorts of lighting effects may be encountered in an environment like nightclubs, where there may be dim lighting, multi-colored lighting or even strobe lighting for creating such ambiance. But from the security’s point view, this poses a serious threat for cameras from capturing useful images while adjusting to the constantly-changing lighting background. 
TheNDF820 features digital day/night capability to dynamically adapt to complicated indoor lighting environment. The camera is further powered by the proprietary Lumii™ imaging technology that significantly enhances light sensitivity and noise reduction to deliver crisper images in the low-light settings. The Full HD 1080p resolution adds to the already superior image quality that NDF820 has to offer. 

Remote monitoring using mobile devicesTo achieve remote access from mobile devices as required, the ONVIF-compliant NDF820 is flawlessly interoperated with the NVR and a spotter app from Mirasys designed for Smartphone and tablet PCs. The app in combination with MESSOA cameras allows the user to view live video streams and to access recorded footage remotely in superb picture quality. 
Design-wise, the vandal-resistant casing of the NDF820 is able to protect the camera from external impacts, while its low-profile look blends perfectly in the modern pub interior.

After the surveillance system is in place, the staff at Sorbonne now has a much more effective tool to help them when they are trying to validate any brawl or confrontation that may happen inside the pub from time to time. The owner could also be notified in the first place via his mobile device should any incident occur and make necessary arrangement to solve it remotely without having to be physically on-site. Risks of robbery and other crime activities are also expected to drop in the long run with the help of high-definition recorded footage as the most powerful proof. 
“The deployment of surveillance technology not only helps us make sure the safety of our guests as they are having a fun night out at Sorbonne”, the owner remarks, “it also comes with other add-on values as I could stay posted with what goes on in the pub anytime and make sure the business is running smoothly even when I am away traveling on the road.”