Dec 19, 2011

Furniture factory in Israel opted for MESSOA to secure property

Organization: Furniture factory
Location: Nazareth, Israel
Industry segment: Manufacturing
Products: SDS730PRO, SDF417U, SDF412
Application: Premises surveillance and production line monitoring

Located in the suburb of Nazareth, Israel, the furniture factory specializes in manufacturing wooden furnishings, such as shelves and dining tables. The factory owner was looking for a reliable, cost-effective video monitoring system that not only could provide a security means to ensure property security, but also to watch over production line while improving the operating efficiency.

PTZ and dome cameras deployed to meet diverse needs

The factory building consists of three main areas: the office area for administration, product demostration and customer reception; the manufacturing area for production; and the stock area for storage and shipping handling. Realizing each area varies in sizes and security requirements, the MESSOA PTZ and dome cameras were recommended for this project.

First, the SDS730PRO PTZ cameras are installed on both the interior and exterior walls for securing the premises. With its superior sensitivity and WDR function, the SDS730PRO enables operators to watch over difficult-to-see spots with exceptional clarity regardless of the lighting conditions. The camera’s 360-degree pan, 360-degree tile and panoramic rotation capability makes wide-area surveillance easy.

A number of SDF412 dome cameras are deployed together with the SDS730PRO at corners where the sight is blocked by pipelines to complement the view angles by avoiding any blind spots.

For indoor surveillance, the high-resolution SDF417U dome cameras were chosen to oversee critical locations inside the building, such as the main entrance and the production sites. The SDF417’s mechanical ICR cut function allows 24/7 indoor surveillance in fine details.

Video surveillance brings owner a peace of mind

After the successful deployment, the owner now has a peace of mind, knowing that his property is reliably secured with the MESSOA cameras. He also believes the business will grow as the production process is becoming smoother and more efficient with the help from MESSOA.

Dec 14, 2011

MESSOA gets ready for 2012 Intersec in Dubai

MESSOA Technologies Inc. will make appearance in 2012 Intersec in Dubai, UAE from January 15 to January 17. MESSOA will be joined by its energy solution partner New Power World (NPW) to co-host a joint exhibition at Booth 2-523C.

The largest and most comprehensive event for security and safety in the Middle East, Intersec is the leading event in the MENA region and also plays a major role in reflecting the security industry worldwide.

The theme of the 2012 show will surround MESSOA’s full lineup of its next-generation 2-megapixel network cameras. Among all, the highlight will be on MESSOA’s 2MP network PTZ camera NIC990. The PoE+ support camera fully integrates with the solar-powered solution collaborated with NPW.

This innovative design is able to supply sufficient solar energy to efficiently power the speed dome camera, which is known for heavy power consumption. In light of the prevailing green technology, the demonstration of NIC990 is expected to receive a significant amount of attention from buyers seeking new ways to save energy and cost in video surveillance applications.

In addition to MESSOA’s own stand, visitors could also find displays of MESSOA’s complete 2-megapixel network camera series, such as the NCR875PRO and the NCB855PRO, at HAL, MESSOA’s channel partner based in Dubai who will also be attending the trade fair in January. Visitors are welcomed to come experience the cutting-edge IP surveillance technology from MESSOA at both sites.

Dec 2, 2011

MESSOA ensures a safer nightlife for customers at Sorbonne Rotterdam

Organization: Sorbonne Rotterdam
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Industry segment: Leisure
Products: NDF820
Application: Security surveillance with mobile remote access

Sorbonne is a popular dance café located in the center of Rotterdam, the Netherlands. The two-story pub opens 7 days a week, offering dining services during lunch/dinner hours and turning into a lively nightlife venue late in the evening. However, situated in the heart of the most unsafe city in the country, the owner of Sorbonne is concerned with any crime-related incidents that are likely to happen in the block, as well as within the pub.

To protect his customers and employees, he was prompted to deploy security cameras. He additionally requested for remote monitoring accessibility to real-time streaming video on mobile devices to keep an eye on what goes on around the pub. 

Sorbonne turned to XSERIUS, a local system integrator partner with MESSOA, for professional installation. To make mobile access possible, a network IP surveillance system seems to be the only viable choice to go with for this project. Meanwhile, taking the complexity of lighting in a nightclub environment into consideration, it is essential to deploy a network camera with outstanding imaging performance in difficult lighting conditions to meet the harsh requirements. 
After identifying Sorbonne’s needs, XSERIUS, with its extensive proficiency in IP technology and a wide spectrum of client base, recommended MESSOA, namely the NDF820 IP dome camera, to do the job. A total of 12 NDF820 are strategically positioned both inside and outside of the pub to get a comprehensive overview of the entire premises.

Overcoming ambiance lighting inside the pub
All sorts of lighting effects may be encountered in an environment like nightclubs, where there may be dim lighting, multi-colored lighting or even strobe lighting for creating such ambiance. But from the security’s point view, this poses a serious threat for cameras from capturing useful images while adjusting to the constantly-changing lighting background. 
TheNDF820 features digital day/night capability to dynamically adapt to complicated indoor lighting environment. The camera is further powered by the proprietary Lumii™ imaging technology that significantly enhances light sensitivity and noise reduction to deliver crisper images in the low-light settings. The Full HD 1080p resolution adds to the already superior image quality that NDF820 has to offer. 

Remote monitoring using mobile devicesTo achieve remote access from mobile devices as required, the ONVIF-compliant NDF820 is flawlessly interoperated with the NVR and a spotter app from Mirasys designed for Smartphone and tablet PCs. The app in combination with MESSOA cameras allows the user to view live video streams and to access recorded footage remotely in superb picture quality. 
Design-wise, the vandal-resistant casing of the NDF820 is able to protect the camera from external impacts, while its low-profile look blends perfectly in the modern pub interior.

After the surveillance system is in place, the staff at Sorbonne now has a much more effective tool to help them when they are trying to validate any brawl or confrontation that may happen inside the pub from time to time. The owner could also be notified in the first place via his mobile device should any incident occur and make necessary arrangement to solve it remotely without having to be physically on-site. Risks of robbery and other crime activities are also expected to drop in the long run with the help of high-definition recorded footage as the most powerful proof. 
“The deployment of surveillance technology not only helps us make sure the safety of our guests as they are having a fun night out at Sorbonne”, the owner remarks, “it also comes with other add-on values as I could stay posted with what goes on in the pub anytime and make sure the business is running smoothly even when I am away traveling on the road.”

Nov 16, 2011

Penghu County strengthens landfill site supervision with MESSOA solution

Organization:Penghu County Government
Location:Penghu, Taiwan
Industry segment:Government & Pulic
Application:Entrance gate traffic monitoring

As the local government focusing on promoting tourism industry in Penghu County, an archipelago off the western coast of Taiwan, it has fueled an island-wise construction boom in recent years. Such development generated lots of residual rocks and earth, which need be disposed. In light of such demand, Penghu County Government set up a landfill site near a remote village of Shagang several years ago for the earthwork residual treatment. However, due to lack of on-site supervision, the site soon became a threat to the nearby environment and the local public because of haphazard dumping. Hence, the county government was looking for a surveillance camera deployment in order to keep the site organized. 

CCTV 700TVL Camera---SCR 368

The MESSOA SCR368 high-performance Infrared cameras are deployed to monitor the entrance gate of the 2-hectare site with a landfill capacity of 60,000 cubic meters. Cameras are installed on a metal truss next to the manually-controlled gate to provide a clear overview of the entrance. 

One camera is mounted 3 meters high for capturing vehicle information on type, shape and license plate numbers. The other camera is mounted 5 meters above-ground to let authority officials see what exactly the content is loaded in the dump trucks’ rear container as they pull up to the gate. Each camera is coupled with the MESSOA NVS121H video server, from which the image streams are sent via internet to an NVR system at the county government office, where staff could monitor the entrance remotely anytime without having to physically pay visits to the site. 

In addition of its streamlined, compact profile, the SCR368 camera is chosen for this project due to its 700TVL high-resolution and super-low light performance with the built-in infra-red illumination as there is limited lighting on-site. The intelligent cable management is an ideal feature for this project that requires easy installation, weather-proof design and minimum maintenance. The performance is further enhanced by digital Wide Dynamic Range capability and the proprietary Lumii™ III imaging technology, allowing the camera to deliver crystal sharp images in extremely adverse light situations all the time. 


Following the successful deployment, haphazard dumping has been significantly reduced. Real-time video streams of the monitored scene are available for remote access to keep track of the vehicle information. The Penghu County government officials are particularly impressed with the image quality at night where truck activities are usually the most frequent. Vehicle information can be effortlessly identified in pitch dark night even with the presence of high contrast headlights getting in the way. 

Also, the built-in motion detection function allows the officials to spend their time more effectively on their routine work during office hours and turn their attention to the surveillance monitor only when they are notified of any movement at the gate detected by the camera. “We are pleased with the solution from MESSOA”, one county government official remarks, “the camera’s streamlined design catches our eyes; more importantly, the MESSOA solution has met all our requirements for low illumination performance and remote access to keep the landfill site in order.”

Nov 1, 2011

MESSOA Cameras Help Keep the Traffic in Santa Marta, Colombia in Order

Organization: Traffic Authority in Santa Marta
Location: Santa Marta, Colombia
Industry segment: Traffic surveillance
Products: SCR515PRO, SDR431U
Application: Facilitating traffic law enforcement and security surveillance

Located at northern Colombia, the city of Santa Marta is a popular tourist destination due to its colonial past and proximity to the Caribbean Sea. Job opportunities have drawn many Colombians to the city in recent years, but the urban development cannot catch up with the surging population and vehicles, which have led to congested roads and increase in traffic infractions. 
To mitigate the problems encountered, Santa Marta’s traffic authority decided to apply stricter law enforcement while prohibiting cars with certain license plates from being on the road during rush hours on certain days to stop traffic conditions deteriorating further. To ensure the policies could be effectively enforced, the authority officials decided to deploy surveillance cameras at 10 strategic locations throughout Santa Marta. 


With an extensive experience in traffic surveillance solution and successful case from the past, MESSOA’s local partner recommended the most appropriate MESSOA traffic surveillance cameras to meet the challenging tasks. Each site is then monitored by 1 MESSOA SDR431U and up to 3 SCR515PRO cameras depending on the number of the lanes for that particular roadway. 

The SCR515PRO is an LPR camera specifically designed to capture close-up snapshots of vehicle information in remarkable clarity, particularly license plates. The camera is powered by MESSOA's advanced CatchAll™ II and Lumii™ III intelligent technologies. CatchAll™ II significantly improves the SCR515PRO's surveillance capabilities in tracking vehicle information even when cars are travelling at a high speed, whilst Lumii™ III further enhances camera sensitivity to deliver sharp images in adverse lighting conditions. 

The SDR431U is a 30M IR vandal-resistant fixed dome camera with mechanical D/N function to provide round-the-clock surveillance of the intersection. SDR431U was selected to provide an overview and panoramic video recordings of the monitored scene. 

All the data captured are then sent to a centralized control site, where an LPR system is used to identify whether any vehicle is not supposed to be on the road or violating traffic regulations, such as speeding, running on red light and etc. Should any infraction be detected, the system will then verify the license plate and automatically send a traffic fine notice to that driver with photo evidences attached to it. 


With the help of traffic surveillance technology, the restrictive car policy and traffic law can be effectively enforced in Santa Marta. The authority officials are especially impressed with the performance of the MESSOA’s surveillance solution as traffic violation and congestion have been notably alleviated since the deployment. Having seen how successful this project has turned out in Santa Marta, city officials from Cali and Bucaramanga, Colombia have also decided to duplicate this model in their respective cities in the near future.

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Oct 14, 2011

MESSOA IP cameras bring a modern advantage to the ancient Mercer Museum

The Mercer Museum is a U.S. history museum that shows items from everyday life in the 18th and 19th century. 55 exhibit rooms spanning out 7 floors (including roof) showcase a collection over 40,000 objects used by early Americans. The Mercer Museum is filled with priceless antiques. They needed to outfit the museum with a reliable and professional security solution. MESSOA IP cameras appeared to be the right choice.

Organization: Mercer Museum
Location: PA,United States
Industry segment: Government & Public
Products: NDF821, NCR870
Application: A reliable, non-intrusive security system

100 year old building presents unique installation challenges
However, there were several challenges to this job. Built in 1916, the museum itself in an ancient, concrete relic. This meant that there were several restrictions about how the cameras could be mounted. Some parts of the building couldn't use traditional concrete mounts. Also, traditional and complex cabling presents a big challenge to this old building. Those weren't the only conditions. The cameras had to be advanced enough to obtain clear images while being unintrusive in order to keep up with the old America atmosphere.

Successful past performances made MESSOA cameras the obvious choice
Thompson Network, a Pennsylvania-based SI providing voice and data solutions, looked at past security solutions and decided to use a MESSOA IP System, which provides cost-effective remote surveillance at a fair price. Most of all, the authorised museum staff can easily see the real-time images via a web-browser from any locations via the network. 

Two models were selected for this project. The IP, Full HD, Vari-focal dome NDF821 was chosen for indoor surveillance. Infrared, IP, 2MP with Lumii sensor  NCR870 was used for monitoring the outdoors.

NDF821 for indoor surveillance
NCR870 for outdoor surveillanve

NDF821 - featured packed, indoor dome watched the inside
The NDF821 is a high performance full HD day/night camera featuring 2M image quality and intelligent network capabilities. H.264/MPEG4/MJPEG triple streaming gives you a flexible encoding selection. As part of MESSOA MegaSmart IP products family, the NDF821 features various intelligent detection capabilities, Smart Focus and Smart Encoding. Other supported features include built-in micro SD/SDHC card slot, video out and two-way audio. This camera is ideal for indoor situations where maximum image quality is vital, such as identifying people or specific objects.

NCR870 for outdoor surveillance 

The NCR870 is a ready to go infrared (IR) camera that is able to see even in total darkness. It brings about crystal clear pictures even in the darkest night as far as 25 meters (82 ft). Plus, with IP67-rated all-weather waterproof, aluminum casing, the NCR870 ensures reliable operation in any environment. This camera is ideal for outdoor applications.

Observing museum activity becomes easier 

The MESSOA IP cameras enable the museum to monitor any location from multiple review points on the network and to easily share any incidents captured on video, providing a great tool for the security staff to observe museum activity.

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MESSOA is a professional manufacturer of superior surveillance products. We provide a broad range of products that vary widely in their design, materials technologies, and intended applications. MESSOA distributes its surveillance products in 65 nations, providing protection for tens of thousands of facilities in every corner of the world. Though our clients success stories differ in their particulars, they all attest to the accuracy of our motto: "Experience MESSOA, Experience Reliability."

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Oct 5, 2011

MESSOA has teamed up with Aimetis, the leader of Intelligent Video Surveillance NVR and video management products. The two surveillance giants have come together to combine Aimetis’s NVR software with MESSOA’s IP cameras for a total surveillance system for SI and distributors. MESSOA’s dedication to becoming the leading provider of front-end security manufacturer in the network video surveillance industry made the partnership a natural choice.

Aimetis Symphony™ is award-winning intelligent video surveillance software that offers an open IP video platform for video management, analytics, system integration and alarm management. Designed for professional video surveillance and recording, the latest version of Aimetis Symphony™ supports many MESSOA IP cameras such as the NCR870 IR camera, the NDF831 fixed dome camera, and the NIC950HPRO PTZ camera.

“We are pleased with this partnership with Aimetis,” said Steve Yang, president of MESSOA. “We’re ensuring that MESSOA IP cameras can work with as many NVR solutions as is possible. Expanding the compatibility with NVR solutions allows us to better meet our customer needs. This will help make our products more competitive in the market and thereby increase our market share.”

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Thank You for Visiting Messoa at ASIS 2011

Thank you for taking the time to stop by the MESSOA booth during ASIS 2011. We hope you have found your experience with us useful and informative. 

During the show, we introduced our latest 2MP IP speed dome and an innovative LED illuminator, along with our MegaSmart IP series, all of which have already received lots of attention and inquiries from this year’s attendees. We hope you found our products to be beneficial for your applications. If you are not yet a MESSOA customer or partner, we sincerely hope you will consider MESSOA as your security solution provider. Our award-winning products have helped many of our partners secure projects and new customers. You are more than welcome to contact our local sales representatives or visit our website at where more detailed product information and success case studies are available to you. 

Thank you again for your participation in ASIS 2011. We look forward to hearing from you about how we could be of your further assistance with regard to our security solutions.

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Oct 4, 2011

Over 100 Zara Stores Across China Have MESSOA CCTV Cameras Installed

Over 100 Zara fashion stores across China have installed 800 MESSOA SDR431U cameras. Zara is expanding across China and chose the SDR431U because it is an easy to install and operate camera. Not to mention the camera matches the interior of Zara stores.  

Organization: Zara store
Location: China
Industry segment: Retail
Products: SDR431U, 30M IR Vandal Dome Camera
Application: Prevent theft and protect customers

Over 100 Zara stores in China Have the SDR431U Fixed Dome Installed
Zara is a Spanish clothing store that is quickly expanding worldwide. China currently has over 200 Zara stores and counting. Several of these new stores needed interior surveillance. They had to provide safe shopping while monitoring the crowds and goods. Also, they had to keep an eye out for thefts, break-ins, accidents and emergency health matters that may arise. To date, over 800 SDR431U cameras are being used in over 100 Zara stores.

The SDR431U were typically installed at key places such as entrances, in store, corners and near the cashier. Between 4 and 15 cameras were installed per store depending on the size.

Sleek look and useful features make the SDR431U the obvious choice for Zara
The SDR431U is a fixed dome camera that uses a super high-resolution high-density Sony IT module for true color daylight images. A 3.7~12mm high optical quality auto Iris varifocal lens allows a wealth of viewing angles. The conventional BNC video output facilitates installation and increases their flexibility. Ceiling or Wall mount is easy with the true 3-Axis rotation gimbal. It features compact mechanical designs, vandal-proof 1,000-kg impact resistance, and IP67 rating. All of these make it an ideal camera for retail surveillance.

That’s not all.

Zara cares about the look and atmosphere of their stores. They needed a sleek and stylish camera to match their fashion. The sleek and shiny SDR431U was chosen both for its look and security features.

The Result? Good Security, Happy Customers, Higher Profits
Ever since the SDR431U started being utilized, security personal cost and pick pocketing and theft have been greatly reduced. If an incident should happen, then evidence captured on the cameras can be provided to the police to help capture criminals and secure a conviction.

So satisfied is Zara, that they plan to install even more SDR431U cameras in the rest of their China stores. 

Sep 25, 2011

Messoa LPR Traffic Camera Watches Yunlin County Streets 

Organization: Yunlin County
Location: Taiwan
Industry segment: Traffic surveillance
Technology: Video network using IP and analog technologies
Application: Ensuring a safer urban environment

Network video is one of the most useful tools for fighting crime and protecting citizens, acting both to detect and deter. It creates a secure environment and can help first responders pinpoint where their assistance is most needed.

Yunlin County, in Taiwan, started the implementation of a strategic
video surveillance project in January 2010. The job required key territories in the city to be monitored 24/7.

To meet the security demands of the municipalities, a Messoa local
partner implemented various video surveillance solutions. This project would be a vital part of the local authorities’ strategy for keeping the city safe and providing a higher standard of life for its citizens.

This helped local police officers to protect local residents from crime
and helped launch a much wider crime and disorder partnership initiative. As the project progressed, the City of Yunlin chose to install a total of 60 Messoa SCR515PRO traffic cameras at numerous locations across the city.

Three town centres – Douliu, Lin Neixiang and Xilno – got to experience
the latest Messoa traffic camera, SCR515PRO. As the Yunlin Country police director explains: "We chose Messoa because of the quality and reliability of their products, notably the high resolution images from its cameras, even over IP, and the quality of its streaming. Being wireless means no hard wiring was required, making installation much easier but without sacrificing quality. Single sourcing also made sense, and the level of support from Messoa, especially with the commissioning process, has been excellent."

Operators control the cameras remotely from Police Headquarters, giving police officers an opportunity to assess the situation and make
preparations before approaching an area.

To date, more than 60 Messoa SCR515PRO traffic cameras have been installed, and the solution has proven itself to be fully satisfactory to all municipalities involved. In particular, a reduction in crime has been
recorded thanks to the extremely sharp images captured by the cameras even in situations with limited visibility or difficult weather conditions.

Jul 27, 2011

Tokyo hotel selected MESSOA dome cameras (Japan)

An upscale hotel in Kanagawa, Japan, has chosen MESSOA's SDR431U vandal-proof IR domes and SDF445PRO indoor domes to strengthen its current video surveillance.

MESSOA SDF446 Installed in Thailand Kiatnakin Bank (Thailand)

The MESSOA SDF446, a high-resolution, fixed dome CCTV camera has been installed at the Kiatnakin Bank in Thailand. The SDF446 is being used to monitor the counter. It has helped security officials keep track of exactly how much money has changed hands. The bank has been happy with the performance and has plans to install the SDF446 in their other branches.